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About Us

Gym Membership
Starting from $19.30 per week!
-Full access to gym during opening hours
-Free programming updates
-Up to 6 free classes each week
-Ongoing assistance from trainers
-Enjoy being part of a great gym community with friendly staff and clients
n.b. introduction sessions available with trainer at extra cost.




Ignition Fitness offers a great variety of classes, something to suit everyone and every fitness type;


  • 'U13's Boys Boxing' 

  • 'U18's boys' cross strength training

  • 'Mi Class' under 16 girls strength and cardio

  • ''Kicking Goals' women's kickboxing 

  • 'Ground and Pound' men's kickboxing  

  • 'Low Impact' low intensity for beginners 

  • 'Mixed HIIT training' high intensity interval training 

  • 'U13's Boys Cross Training' mixed cardio class

  • 'Brad's Hour of Power' bootcamp style for teens/men 

  • 'Boxing Blitz' mixed boxing class 

  • 'Fighting Fit' mixed martial arts and self defense


Personal Training


Personal training is by far the most effective way of training and achieving your goals. PT sessions are personalised and can suit anyone at any age.


Our personal trainers will;

-Ensure that you are constantly progressing and getting better

-Deliver challenging but fun programs

-Keep you accountable and push you to reach your goals

-Support you with ongoing information and advice


We have a variety of session times available and also offer antenatal and post natal personal training

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